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Scale your infrastructure with our simple service.
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to spend on testing our cloud and migrating to Servercore
With these bonuses, you'll have three full months to test our platform, after which we'll offer free migration to our cloud hosted in Nairobi.
Get credits triple the amount
of your Microsoft Azure, AWS,
and Google Cloud bills
Servercore is stable, simple, and offers local hosting
After migrating to Servercore, you will get a lot of benefits and no longer have to worry about shilling inflation affecting your cloud computing costs.
Availability zones in Kenya, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan​
Compliance with GDPR and DPA 2019
Free migration​
Billing in Kenyan shillings
IAM service for managing authorization and access levels
Payment by MPesa or bank transfer
SLA > 99,98%
Minimum level of availability
Payment data under protection​
IaaS и PaaS
A wide range suitable for any task
Free technical support​
We create enterprise-level solutions tailored to the local market
Cloud Servers
Virtual machines that scale with your business
Dedicated Servers
Power, performance, and control for your needs
Effortless container orchestration for your applications
Managed Cloud Databases
Scalable and reliable data management in the cloud
Terms and Conditions
Bonus amount
Servercore offers a bonus of 3 times the amount of your bill from global providers (AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure) for the previous month from the date of your request.

For example, if you submit a request in April, we will credit bonuses for your March bill. If your bill in March was $1000, we will credit $3000 to your Servercore control panel balance.
How you can spend your bonus
The bonus can be used to pay for any service in the Servercore control panel, including cloud and dedicated servers, as well as PaaS solutions such as Managed Kubernetes and Cloud Databases.
Technical support
Before the start of the collaboration, Servercore’s technical experts will provide you with a free consultation, during which they will assess your project and propose a server configuration taking into account the type and level of workload.

If necessary, we will assist you with migration and carefully transfer your projects to Servercore.
The program is only available to new Servercore clients whose infrastructure is currently hosted on AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.
What happens to bonuses if you don't use them
The bonus expires three months after it is credited.
*The information on the website is not a public offer.
How does migration work?
We familiarize ourselves
with the project
We build a robust infrastructure
We develop Terms of Reference
We cautiously move everything to Servercore
We sign NDAs and prioritize the confidentiality of your project.
Our aim is to ensure transparency at every stage of the process.
We select the configuration based on the type and load level.
We verify connectivity and only release projects into production if they are fully functional.
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We'll review it within 24 hours.