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IT Infrastructure for 2024
Building infrastructure for IT companies in Kenya. Equipment cost and ways to reduce expenses.
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September 13
16:00 (GMT+3)
Servercore’s Areas of Operation
Servercore constructs both cloud and physical IT infrastructures for businesses of all sizes. Our team boasts a 14-year track record working with European IT companies and possesses robust technical expertise.
Choosing an infrastructure provider in Kenya
Webinar Topics
Reducing infrastructure expenses
Enhancing ping and latency with Servercore infrastructure
Infrastructure service provider versus in-house server
Data Protection Act, No. 24 of 2019
Customer scenarios and primary products
Rewards for Attendees
5,000 shillings to lease a server or another Servercore product
Sign up for the webinar and receive bonuses worth 5,000 shillings. These bonuses can be used to lease a server or another Servercore product.
Any questions about products, technical support, and prices are welcomed in the registration form or the webinar chat
Significance of SLA for business and its role in customer retention
Ensuring security of your data storage
Infrastructure cost and ways to reduce maintenance expenses
Choosing a Provider
Legal storage of personal Data
Cloud solutions for businesses in Kenya and East Africa
Purchasing your own equipment without an infrastructure provider
IT Solutions for Business
Who will benefit from the webinar?
IT business owners
Digital directors
Founders of IT startups
IT experts and project managers
You’ll discover how to establish an infrastructure to save money at the start of the project and manage expenses as your business grows.
Choosing Infrastructure in a Live Mode
We’ll analyze the webinar participants' requests and tailor solutions to their tasks and budget.
Webinar Speaker
12 years of work experience in marketing and product development
Introduction of cloud and bare metal solutions to Southeast Asia and Africa markets
Product roadmap development and partner ecosystem creation
Victoria Kleinbort
International Development Manager at Servercore
How to Pose a Question After the Webinar
Join our chat on WhatsApp. There you can inquire about our products and their prices, while we provide further details about our services and offer guidance on choosing the right infrastructure.
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