IaaS or On-prem:
We'll weigh the advantages and disadvantages of cloud-based solutions (IaaS) and on-premise equipment. We'll discuss how to choose the optimal solution for your specific needs.
Free webinar
February 1
What Should You Choose for Your Business?
11:00 AM
Factors to consider when choosing a solution for business
How to choose the best infrastructure deployment option?
A quick look at the cloud's computing power

What are the strengths and weaknesses of an IaaS solution
What is cloud infrastructure?
The specifics of storing and processing data with your own equipment

Pros and cons of the traditional approach
What is an on-premise approach?
Webinar Agenda
The benefits of integrating cloud and on-premise resources into a unified system
Hybrid infrastructure:
A balance between IaaS and On-premise
How utilizing cloud or hybrid infrastructure can help businesses effectively adapt to market conditions
Real-world examples of practical IaaS application
Who is the Webinar Intended For?
Technical professionals
Understand the pros and cons of cloud and on-premise solutions. Learn about the factors that affect the choice of a tech solution.
Learn more about the capabilities and limitations of the solutions. Identify the optimal infrastructure deployment type.
Servercore Operation Areas
Servercore is an international premium infrastructure provider with a local presence in Nairobi.

We build both cloud and physical IT infrastructure for businesses of all sizes. Our team boasts 14 years of experience collaborating with IT companies in Europe and robust technical expertise.
Data center «iColo»
66 Muthithi Rd
Tier 3
ke-1: Cloud platform
nrb-1: Dedicated servers
Webinar Speaker
10 years experience in various IT sectors in Kenya, including cloud solutions.
Josephine Kabura
Business Development Manager at Servercore in Kenya
Expert in B2B sales, territory management, and key account development across East Africa.
Experienced professional in driving demand generation, managing large-scale campaigns, and building successful customer relationships.
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Join our social networks. There, you can ask about our products and their prices, while we share more service information and provide guidance on choosing the right infrastructure.
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